Champion Mindset

Developing a Champion Mindset

Developing a champion mindset greatly accelerates your personal evolution and allows you to access more of your true potential.  It allows you to be an inspiration to others around you who are able to witness your transformation and the success that follows in every area of your life.

Understanding the powerful impact of your mindset on all of your activities in life is a crucial step in your evolutionary journey.  Your mindset can be the difference between success and failure and often is.  Very few people realize just how powerfully our mindset and resultant attitude affects our enjoyment of life and our ability to live to our full potential. A champion mindset can make all the difference.

Your mindset in any situation has a powerful impact on your interpretation of the situation and the meaning that ou associate with that life event.  Your mindset is often largely invisible to you yet it affects all of your experiences and decision making in a very profound way.

The reason why your mindset tends to be largely invisible to you is that it is composed of information stored in your unconscious mind (think of the unconscious mind as the invisible part of the mind).  The paradox is that the less aware we are of our mindset the more it tends to affect the outcome of our actions.

Our mindset is composed of beliefs and values and emotional preferences to name just a few. It provides us with a viewpoint and a survival strategy.  What we often forget is that our mindset is just one possible viewpoint.  It only represents one possible survival strategy.

To understand this more fully we need to take a quick look at how mindsets are developed.  The most fundamental driver within every person is survival.  The prime command given to our mind is “Survive!”.  

The most important priority given to our mind is to determine the best survival strategy possible.  This is true for every single person, irrespective of their race, color, nationality or religious beliefs.

While we all have the same overriding priority of survival hardwired in our nervous system we all have different genes and we all experience a unique life path.  As a result we all develop different survival strategies.  If you were born with different genes and experienced a different life path your survival strategy would be different. 

The combination of your unique genes and your unique life path make you a unique expression of life.  No matter who you are, you are a unique expression of life and you are contributing to the universal knowledge about life in your unique way.

There is little benefit in having seven billion clones of any particular person, no matter how brilliant they may be.  There is tremendous benefit in diversity.  It is hard to improve on the wisdom of nature.

To get a deeper understanding of how powerful the impact of mindset tends to be let’s take a look at a couple of examples.  These are real life examples from my experience as a clinical hypnotherapist.

The first example I would like to share is about a lady who came to our clinic for infertility treatment.  She had been trying to conceive for around four years with no success.  There were some minor health issues like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome but nothing that would really prevent pregnancy.  There was no diagnosed medical reason why she could not conceive a child.

The lady was in her early forties and a lot of specialists were attributing the lack of pregnancy to her age. 

My wife referred her to me to look into mental and emotional issues affecting her chances of falling pregnant.  After releasing a range of suppressed emotions we focused on any remaining mental issues.

I asked her how confident she was that she would conceive a child in the next twelve months.  She was to rate her confidence level on a scale from zero to ten. Zero meaning she thought it was totally impossible and ten meaning it was an absolute certainty.

Her response was two out of ten.  This indicated that she had a mindset or a belief that it was going to be very difficult for her to fall pregnant over the next twelve months.  Many people would simply attribute this lack of confidence to her inability to fall pregnant over the previous four years.  Most people would also greatly underestimate the powerful impact of such a mindset.

It is important to understand that your unconscious mind controls your body.  It runs all of your bodily functions.  This part of the unconscious mind is often referred to as the body mind.

We explored the origin of her limiting belief that it would be very difficult for her to fall pregnant.  She recalled a memory when she was a fourteen year old teenager.  She was sitting in a classroom in school receiving sex education.  The teacher was explaining how babies are born.

As a teenage girl she was a little bit of a late developer.  All of her friends already had their period.  She did not.  Sitting in the classroom, listening to the teacher, her mind concluded that it would be very difficult if not impossible for her to have a baby because she didn’t have a period. 

This was a perfectly valid conclusion since it is very difficult to fall pregnant without a period.  Two days later the teenager experienced her first period.  When the lady came to see me for therapy she was in her early forties.  She had been having regular periods for almost thirty years. 

Her unconscious mind had not updated the conclusion associated with the experience as a teenager, however, and the belief that it was very difficult for her to have a baby was still lodged in her unconscious mind.

Within two months of the therapy session the lady fell pregnant, leading to the birth of a healthy child.  This example is a good illustration of the power of the unconscious mind related to controlling physical aspects of the body.

Unresolved issues stored in the unconscious mind can have a powerful impact on our health.  When resolved they can also have a powerful healing effect.



Another example is about relationships.  A lady in her forties came to see me because she was unable to experience a loving long term relationship.  Her longest relationship had been six months.  Something would always happen to sabotage the relationship.

The underlying cause turned out to be her experiences related to her first boyfriend.  She was sixteen years old when she fell in love with a boy.  Her father was a very strict man and when he found out about the relationship he made it clear to her boyfriend that he would ruin both him and his family unless he stopped seeing his daughter.

The father was a very powerful figure in the local community and had the power to carry out his threat.  The boyfriend never saw the daughter again.  The teenage girl concluded from the experience that it wasn’t safe to be in a relationship.  Once again this was a valid conclusion at the time.

When the lady came to see me for therapy she was in her forties and her father had been dead for over ten years.  The limiting belief that it wasn’t safe to be in a relationship was still very much active in her unconscious mind and prevented her from experiencing a successful long term relationship.

These are a couple of examples to illustrate the power of mindset on our experience and enjoyment of life.

In the next article we will take a closer look at the characteristics of a champion mindset. 


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