Characteristics of a Champion Mindset

What are the
Characteristics of a Champion Mindset?

Developing a champion mindset can accelerate our personal evolution at an unprecedented rate. 

We previously looked at the incredible power of our existing mindset to affect our life both emotionally and physically.

No matter what life path you may choose or what your personal preferences may be, developing a champion mindset will help you to lead a healthier and happier life.

So let’s take a look at some of the key characteristics required.  It is not about having any particular point of view on life but rather it is about having the right attitude to allow us to evolve to ever greater heights.  Developing a champion mindset is all about maximizing our chances of living to our full potential.

One of the first key characteristics that we need to develop is a strong willingness and desire to learn.  Note that both willingness and desire are required.  Willingness without desire often leads to apathy or a dreamer’s attitude.  Without desire we often lack the required action to fulfill our dreams.  Desire without willingness can often lead to frustration as we get stuck in our ways and fail to realize that there are always alternative viewpoints.

Developing a strong learning mentality is a key characteristic of a champion mindset.  Without it growth will be limited at best and we are unlikely to live up to our full potential.

Another key characteristic that is required is a strong willingness and desire to change.  While learning implies change it is worth mentioning separately because too often we fall into the trap of forgetting that growth and learning not only involve but require change.

Without change there can be no growth or learning.   This is an obvious truth that we often overlook.  If you truly want to grow and learn more about yourself others and life in general, then start to embrace change.  Learn to overcome the fear of change that holds back so many people from living the life of their dreams.

In order to facilitate healthy, positive change it is very useful to develop a healthy level of skepticism about both your existing beliefs as well as all new information that you encounter.

There is a lot of information in this single sentence so let’s break it down a little further.  First let’s take a look at what we mean by a healthy level of skepticism.  Having a healthy level of skepticism means that we are neither na├»ve or gullible, nor are we closed minded to new viewpoints or alternative ways of thinking.  What is needed is a curious attitude combined with unbiased assessment.

If we want to develop a champion mindset we need to apply the same level of skepticism to our existing beliefs as we do to new and challenging information.  There can be no sacred beliefs that are off limits if we truly want to grow then we need to be open minded.

Often we will find that some of our most treasured beliefs are our greatest obstacles.  Either they are outdated or we have outgrown them.  It is very common to find that a belief that was once your greatest asset is now holding you back the most.

Taking a fresh look at all of our beliefs is extremely useful and empowering.  It stops us from getting too set in our ways.  Remember anything that stops growing starts to decay. 
When we think we know everything we are making it impossible to grow further.

As we grow we also need to grow our beliefs and our mindset.  We need to perform regular housekeeping and clear out beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve us.  Self-hypnosis and meditation can be great tools to review our existing, often unconscious, beliefs and make the necessary changes.

There is one more important characteristic that we need to cover.  We should always desire the highest good for all concerned.  This is essentially about making long term rather than short term choices.  It is about making big picture choices that will stand the test of time.  As you continue on your personal journey of evolution you will gain much deeper insights into the tremendous importance of this mental attitude.

Remember that at any point in time we only ever know a fraction of all that is to know.  There is always more to learn. There is always another level.  Developing a champion mindset will go a long way toward accelerating your journey of personal evolution and manifesting the life of your dreams.


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