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If you want to learn how to hypnotize then you have come to the right place.  This website provides lots of free high quality information about all aspects of hypnosis.  Before you know it youwill be using self-hypnosis to access the hidden treasures of your unconscious mind and assisting friends and family using hypnosis to do the same.

A good place to start is how does hypnosis work.  Here you will find clarification about many aspects of hypnosis that are often misunderstood.  Misunderstanding or unresolved concerns about hypnosis are one of the most frequent causes of problems related to entering the hypnotic state.

Hypnosis is the art and science of communicating with the unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind is by far the largest part of the mind.  It looks after our physical health and wellbeing.  It also stores and organizes memories.  Your unconscious mind has an incredibly powerful influence on every aspect of your life.

Learning how to do hypnosis and how to do self-hypnosis will open up an exciting new world for you.  At first you are likely to proceed with great caution as you are stepping into the great unknown.  This caution will soon be replaced with a great deal of excitement as you learn about the power of self-hypnosis.  Hypnosis offers you virtually limitless opportunities for improving your life.

Take a look at our free hypnosis instructions and check out a sample
hypnosis induction
.  You will soon find yourself attracted by the magical power of hypnosis.  Self-hypnosis has nothing to do with programming. You are not a robot.  It does have everything to do with aligning your unconscious mind with conscious goals and desires.  When you desire something in your life and you are experiencing a lot of difficulty manifesting it then there is a high probability that some of the beliefs and values stored in your unconscious mind are getting in the way.

Check out our page on hypnotherapy, the therapeutic use of hypnosis.  I have practiced clinical hypnotherapy for some twenty years and I have seen the amazing power of hypnosis when properly utilized.  Our unconscious mind is our best friend. It has our best interest at heart but sometimes misunderstandings get in the way and stop us from living the life we desire.

Often these misunderstandings develop in early childhood.  Their powerful and limiting impact may not be fully realized until well into adulthood when the original memory has long been forgotten at a conscious level.

Using professional hypnosis resources we can make powerful and beneficial changes that can transform our life for the better.

Make sure you check out our other resources on how to hypnotize.  We have sample hypnosis spirals and sample hypnotic scripts.

Check out our hypnosis sample for more information on hypnosis.  Before long you will feel much more informed about all aspects of hypnosis.  If you have any suggestions on how to improve this online hypnosis resource please use the contact us page.

Once you have a good overall knowledge about how to hypnotize you maywant to take a look at our information on instant hypnosis.

For parents, take a look at our information on child hypnosis.

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