Hypnosis Cartoons

Check out our selection of Hypnosis cartoons. Cartoons allow us to focus on the lighter side of life. They also allow us to take a fresh look at a subject and discover some of our preconceived ideas.

Hypnosis cartoon: I wasn’t even hypnotized

You would be surprised how often I have heard this over the years. That’s why a good pre-talk is essential before starting a clinical hypnosis session. Most people have lots of misunderstandings about hypnotherapy and what it is like to be hypnotized. Clarifying the process of hypnotic induction before starting the trance induction usually avoids the situation depicted in this hypnosis cartoon.

Since the hypnotic trance is such a natural state it is important to demonstrate to the client that they are in a distinct state. This can be done using simple demonstrations such as Locked Eyes, Stiff Arm or Magnetic Hands.

Hypnosis cartoon: Too Many Beers

This cartoon is not strictly speaking about hypnosis, though it is a funny reminder that our perception can be distorted in “altered states”. Actually research has repeatedly confirmed that our senses are easily deceived in the normal waking state.

Every single hypnotic phenomena can be experienced in the normal waking state. This is one of the reasons why leading hypnotists believe that everyone is in a trance state all of the time. The hypnotist just needs to establish rapport and become a part of the subject’s model of the world. I told you cartoons can be a great learning tool.

Hypnosis cartoon: Is this Self-Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is the use of hypnosis through self-induction. This is often accomplished through a pre-recorded hypnosis audio track either a professional recording from a qualified hypnotherapist or with a little training you can create your own.

This cartoon does make an important point. A good hypnotist should self-induce a meditative trance state during the hypnosis induction. This utilizes the process of brainwave entrainment to assist the subject going into the hypnotic trance state. Of course the hypnotist should not lose consciousness as depicted in the cartoon.

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