Hypnosis for Weight Loss

The facts about Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis has been found highly effective in the treatment of obesity when used by a qualified therapist. Check out som of the research on weight loss through hypnosis.

Hypnosis for weight loss is best used in conjunction with appropriate dietary changes and a suitable exercise program. Having said that I have seen some client’s weight fall off in a matter of weeks when the underlying issues were released with the help of hypnosis.

I remember regressing one client and she accessed several memories in early childhood. Reviewing these memories with the appropriate guidance allowed her to become aware of the unconscious causes of her obesity. Once the causes were understood they were easily released.

This lady had tried every weight loss program under the sun over a long period of time. Nothing had worked for her. Not exercise. Not strict diets. Finally she decided to try hypnosis for weight loss. Once the unconscious causes were released her unconscious mind adjusted her metabolism and the weight came off very quickly.

The first memory this client accessed under hypnosis was when she was a baby. Her mother was breast feeding her in a restaurant. The father was embarrassed and told the mother to stop. The baby was very upset because she was still hungry. Unable to talk at this young age the anger and frustration was unable to be fully released and hence was stored.

The client recalled under hypnosis that she decided at that time that when she was older she would eat as much as she liked. Nobody would be able to stop her from eating then.

Several other important memories were accessed under hypnosis. Each one gave the client further insight into the actual cause of her obesity. The second memory was when her father was carrying her while sightseeing. The father commented that she was a very fat baby and very heavy. These beliefs went into her unconscious mind.

Another memory was when she was around five years old. Visiting relatives commented that she was quite chubby. Her father explained that she was big boned and would never be skinny. This incident created another limiting belief in the unconscious mind of the girl.

Of course many other memories and beliefs were accessed during the hypnosis session. These are just meant to give you an insight into some of the possible scenarios that can create limiting beliefs and contribute to overeating and obesity.

In the case of this particular client her unconscious mind (which runs the body) adjusted her metabolism in such a way that weight loss became impossible even on strict diets.

Once the unconscious causes had been addressed through hypnosis, weight loss occurred easily and effortlessly. Of course every situation is unique and this client’s story is only meant to illustrate one possible scenario.

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