Hypnosis Instructions

Hypnosis Instructions
for Absolute Beginners

So you would like to try hypnosis? Well, you are in for a treat. Following these simple and easy to follow hypnosis instructions will start you off on a great journey and teach you much about your greatest tool, your very own bio-supercomputer, your mind.

The first thing to realize when you start learning about hypnosis is that it is not about ego and power over others. While stage hypnotists still perpetuate the myth that they have special powers over others anybody with any real knowledge about hypnosis knows that this is simply not true.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Nobody is able to hypnotize another person against their will unless they use drugs or use covert hypnosis, both of which are unethical and should never be attempted by an ethical practitioner.

Hypnosis is a co-operative process between the hypnotist and the subject to be hypnotized. The first important step is for the hypnotist to establish trust with the client. If the client is suspicious of the hypnotist’s motives or morals then it will be very difficult to hypnotize the client.

My first hypnosis session was with my wife. I had just read my first book on hypnosis instructions and towards the end of the book was a sample hypnosis induction. I was very excited and asked my wife to be volunteer subject. She happily volunteered. Within minutes she was in a deep trance. I simply read the words of the induction straight from the book. I had no other skills or relevant experience. I did however have great rapport. My wife had complete trust in me. If you can build a strong level of genuine trust with your subject your hypnosis sessions will be very successful.

Remember, if there is lack of trust you will have a hard time hypnotizing your subject.

The second major stumbling block you may encounter is fear. Many people have all sorts of fears and concerns about hypnosis based on Hollywood movies or stage hypnosis shows they have seen. Everyone is unique of course but there are common concerns you should address.

The first myth about hypnosis to address with your client is “The hypnotist has complete power over you”. Debunking this myth may seem counter-intuitive. Unethical hypnotists will go to great lengths to perpetuate the myth. Any genuine hypnotist should correct this misconception and explain to the subject that they can return to a normal waking state any time they choose. Of course that would disrupt the session and impact on the effectiveness of the session. It is important that the subject knows he is in control. It allows the subject to be much more comfortable and relaxed.

The second hypnosis myth to address is “if you can hear the hypnotist, then you are not hypnotized”. This is completely false. Most of the time you will be aware of everything the hypnotist says during hypnosis. It is important to clarify this misunderstanding before you start to hypnotize your subject. Incorrect expectations can interfere with the hypnotic induction. Educated subjects make the best hypnosis subjects.

The third hypnosis myth to tackle is “You can remain stuck in a hypnotic state”. Once you understand that the subject can choose to awaken from the hypnotic state at any time this myth kind of disappear. However, it is useful to address it specifically. If something unforeseen was to happen to the hypnotist or if the hypnotist simply left, then the subject would return to the normal waking state in their own time. If the subject is very tired then they may go to sleep for a while and simply awaken as per normal. Otherwise they would return to a normal waking state within minutes as they got bored.

Once you have addressed these myths and any other concerns the subject may raise it is time to start with the hypnosis induction. Induction is simply the term for guiding the client into a state of hypnotic relaxation.

You can find a sample hypnosis induction here.

Enjoy your first hypnosis induction!


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