Hypnosis Mind Control

Anyone familiar with hypnosis knows that hypnosis mind control is a myth created by Hollywood and stage hypnotists.

It is true that a client in a hypnotic trance is more suggestible. This does not mean they are under the control of the hypnotist. It is often said that the hypnotic trance bypasses the critical faculty. This is not strictly true. In the hypnotic state the majority of extraneous sensory is eliminated. As a result the suggestions of the hypnotist are effectively prioritized and hence have a much higher chance of being “heard” by the unconscious mind.

While the critical faculty is less active in the hypnotic state it s still very much present. Don’t believe me? Try telling a hypnotic subject to give you all his money and see how far you get.

Positive suggestions which are aligned with the conscious beliefs of the hypnotic subject have a profound effect when received in a hypnotic trance. Suggestions which are not aligned with the subject’s values are ignored.

Can hypnosis be abused and used for mind control? To a limited degree maybe. Hypnosis is a powerful tool. It is not something to be feared but something to be appreciated and used to enhance our life. Hypnosis has the potential to unlock more of our true potential.

Always choose a hypnotherapist that you trust and respect. Remember that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Nobody can hypnotize you against your will, especially once you understand how hypnosis really works.

Still not convinced?


CIA and Hypnosis Mind Control

In the 1950s and 1960s the CIA conducted an illegal, covert human research program codenamed MKULTRA. As part of this covert operation the CIA experimented with using LSD and hypnosis for human mind control.

Below is an extract of a declassified research paper from the MKULTRA project.

“As £or obedience in trance, hypnosis seems not to be the instrument of absolute control tbat 1s so often depicted by the press, in popular periodicals and in fiction. Apart from instances of apparent “sixth sense” volition already mentioned, one can cull from professlona1 writing on hypnosis such statements as: hypnotized persons are anyt:hing but blind automatons; they are capable of considerable 1ndepenence of judgment and they arc neither defenceless nor passive. On the basis of the kinds of evidence chat Barber, Beck, Orne, Patti .and others present, it seems that a determined and informed person could resists wilful manipulation by an adversary before and during hypnosis.”


Street Hypnosis and Mind Control

In more recent times hypnosis mind control has been popularised by advocates of “street hypnosis”. Most of the street hypnosis material you will encounter is highly exaggerated and generally gets very fuzzy when it comes to the actual detail. It seems to be mostly designed to extract money from those “hypnotised and mesmerised” into buying their street hypnosis books, CDs and videos.


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