Hypnosis Sample

The following hypnosis samples give you examples of hypnotic language patterns.

Hypnotic language patterns are designed to take the subject further into trance, little bit by little bit, one breath at a time.

Most hypnotic language patterns in modern use come from the work of Milton Erickson, widely considered the father of modern hypnotherapy.

Conversational hypnosis is very potent because the subject is not expecting to be hypnotized and hence is relatively relaxed. Understanding hypnotic language patterns allows you to identify them when people try to use them on you in everyday situations. Nobody will ever be able to hypnotize you against your will again.

Take a look at each of the hypnosis samples below and see if you can identify what makes it a hypnotic language pattern and the expected outcome of each.

Hypnosis Sample 1

You can wonder if your left arm is getting heavier or if your right arm is getting lighter.

Hypnosis Sample 2

It is easy to drift off, just like a feather floating down, ever so gently.

Hypnosis Sample 3

As you keep breathing slowly and comfortably you can notice your eyes getting heavier with every breath you take.

Hypnosis Sample 4

You may not have noticed yet how much you like it but you soon will.

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