Hypnosis Spiral

A Hypnosis Spiral can be used for self-hypnosis or to guide a client into a hypnotic state.

The Hypnosis Spiral provides a focal point to concentrate on. Concentration is of course a prerequisite for entering the hypnotic state. The spiral also visually draws attention to the center of the spiral thus increasing the level of concentration and eliminating visual distractions.

Using a hypnotic spiral can be a quick and effective way to enter a hypnotic trance. It can be used to induce trance for self-hypnosis prior to listening to pre-recorded positive suggestions or it can be used to guide clients into a hypnotic trance.

The Hypnosis Spiral can be used as a stand-alone hypnosis induction or in combination with other induction techniques.

Various versions of hypnotic spiral images are shown below.


Hypnotic Spiral


Hypnosis Swirl


Hypnosis Spiral


How to use the Hypnosis Spiral

Simply choose your favorite spiral and allow your eyes to rest on the center of the spiral. Keep your eyes relaxed without staring. You will soon find yourself being drawn into the spiral as you enter a hypnotic trance state.

This can be used either for relaxation or as an induction process. Relaxing your nervous system is very beneficial, especially if done on a regular basis.

You will return to a normal waking state in your own time. If you want to limit your time in the trance state you can use a gentle alarm to awaken you.


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