Secret of Inner Peace

The Secret of Inner Peace is Letting go of the baggage

Most people crave a greater sense of Inner Peace. Whether you value peacefulness highly or not a lack of Inner Peace undermines your self confidence and puts enormous stress on your nervous system. Whether you are a party animal or a book worm, Inner Peace will make your life more satisfying and fulfilling.

So how do we go about achieving a state of inner calm? There are many techniques and processes that help resolve inner conflict. Most of the traditional approaches involve a meditative technique of one form or another.

If meditation sounds boring chances are you are not familiar with all of the proven benefits of meditation. Deep meditation is better than great sex. It is the most profound experience possible to experience while in a human form. It is a state where your consciousness merges with everything, yes everything, around you. It gives you a glimpse into the truth that we are all indeed one.

Some people might achieve the same state of oneness through extreme sports. The surfer may find it in her quest for the perfect wave while the mountain climber may experience it dangling from the cliff side.

There are many possible and valid approaches to experiencing the profound insights and deep inner experiences facilitated by the meditative path. Deep concentration or singular involvement in any subject can take us there.

So how can the meditative approach produce such profound inner peace, even intense blissfulness? The simple answer is that meditation is like pruning. It removes anything that doesn’t serve us and thus facilitates greater growth.

Have you ever pruned a fruit tree, or any tree for that matter? If the pruning is done well then the tree will respond with invigorated growth in the following season. In the case of fruit trees you will often see larger fruit as a result of a good pruning.

The Zen tradition uses the pruning and nurturing of Bonsai trees as a source of meditation and relaxation. It encourages creativity and provides us with insights into how to prune our own lives and our inner chatter.

Self-hypnosis is a form of guided meditation. It is a great way to accelerate our meditative progress and especially helpful for beginners to get started. What is referred to as a hypnotic trance is no different to the meditative state. The key difference is that self-hypnosis uses an external stimulus, a hypnotherapist or a self-hypnosis CD to facilitate entry into the trance state.

During self-hypnosis we are able to facilitate powerful mental pruning also known as letting go of unwanted baggage. Releasing mental and emotional baggage that is not serving us is extremely empowering and liberating. It is similar to the revitalized growth the tree experiences as a result of the pruning.

Working as a clinical hypnotherapist for twenty years has given me the opportunity to see the amazing benefits of self-hypnosis first hand. At the same time I experienced the profound benefits of meditation in my own life.

Contrary to most skeptics beliefs hypnosis is not just in the mind. Modern science has now discovered that our entire body is bathed in neuro-transmitters. That is the mind-body connection that mystics of all traditions have spoken of since the beginning of recorded history.

I have witnessed self-hypnosis remove the need for heart surgery, cure hardened arteries. Asthma, chronic fatigue, infertility, diabetes and arthritis, to name just a few. It is only a matter of time before medical science will have to rewrite their understanding of psycho-somatic diseases.

Based on my personal experience I believe most if not all diseases have an underlying mental and emotional cause. When the underlying cause is addressed the body is able to heal itself.

Disease or dis-ease always stems from some kind of imbalance, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Often it is a combination of all of them since all of them are linked. They are different aspects of our multi-dimensional nature as spiritual beings having a human experience.

If you find you are lacking inner peace then start doing something about it before it starts affecting your physical health. Either start to meditate on a regular basis or get a good self-hypnosis CD to resolve your issues and restore the inner peace you crave and deserve.

Trust me you will never look back once you start on the journey.


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