Self Hypnosis Instruction

Self Hypnosis Instruction to Improve Your Life!

Self Hypnosis is one of the fastest ways to address psychological, mental, emotional, and even many physical issues, that are holding us back in life.

Self Hypnosis Instruction

1. Identify the issue clearly. Make sure you identify any underlying issues.

2. Take ownership. How do you contribute to the issue?

3. Clearly define the desired outcome in a simple sentence that a six year old can understand.

4. Prepare your self hypnosis session or purchase a professional self hypnosis cd or self hypnosis mp3.

The first step in the proper use of self hypnosis is to get a clear understanding of the issue to be addressed. Are we addressing the right problem or is it just a symptom of a deeper problem? Both problems may need addressing but if we ignore the deeper issue altogether than we are unlikely to get lasting results.

The second important step in using self hypnosis is to take ownership of the issue. This is not meant in a negative type of way. Nothing is ever achieved in laying blame on ourselves or others. The key to this second step is simply to look for how we could get a better outcome by changing our thinking, our habits, our attitude or a combination of all three. To get the most out of self hypnosis we need to really honest with ourselves and acknowledge the underlying causes within us.

Once you have a clear understanding of the issue to be addressed and how you contribute to the issue it is time to focus on the desired outcome. What would you like to achieve? Keep it really simple. Clarity is power. You should define your ideal outcome in a simple sentence. The sentence should be positively stated and a six year old should be able to understand without need for further clarification.

For example, you would not say “I don’t want to feel a lack of confidence at work”. Why not, well it is not stated in the positive is it? Neither would you say “I want to feel positive and empowered when I go to work and whenever I interact with my colleagues, my boss and all of the people I have to manage. I want to be able to deal with stressful situations calmly”. Why not, it is positively stated, isn’t it? Well, yes, apart from the implication that you “have to manage” people. More importantly however it is way to complex and long winded.

A better way to state your ideal outcome is something like “I want to feel calm and confident at all times”. This covers all of the requirements and it is a simple sentence. There is absolutely no need or benefit in complicating your definition of the desired outcome. Remember clarity is power. Sometimes you may have difficulty defining your ideal outcome in a simple sentence, stick with it. Clearly defining your desired outcome is a key part of the therapeutic process. A problem well stated is half solved.

Now that you have clarity of the issue and the desired outcome you can work on the actual self hypnosis session. This can either involve you recording your own self hypnosis session or using a professionally recorded self hypnosis session that addresses your specific issue.

Unless you have been sufficiently trained in hypnosis I would recommend using a professional recording as they are likely to be much more effective. Make sure the self hypnosis recording is from a trusted source with the necessary expertise.

If you have difficulty finding a self hypnosis cd or self hypnosis mp3 to suit your needs then it is generally, but not always, the case that you are focusing on a very unique surface issue and ignoring the more generic underlying issue. By resolving the underlying issue a whole host of surface issues tend to disappear.

An example is lack of self confidence. Lack of self confidence is an underlying issue which often manifests in a wide variety of different ways. For example it can cause excessive jealousy in relationships because you have an underlying fear that you are not good enough for your partner. It can impact the quality of your work because your lack of confidence in your abilities causes excessive stress and reduces your effectiveness. It may stop you from meeting new friends and potential life partners and can manifest in a myriad of other ways.

It is always best to address core issues first because surface issues will often simply disappear when the underlying issue has been addressed.


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