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Design Your Amazing New Life with Self Hypnosis Techniques

In order to be able to use self hypnosis techniques effectively we first need to understand what hypnosis really. The first important concept to understand is that ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF-HYPNOSIS.

What does that mean? It simply means that nobody can hypnotise you against your will (without the use of drugs). Stage hypnotists and Hollywood have created the illusion that certain people (hypnotists) have magical powers allowing them to control other people against their will.

That is simply not true. Apologies to all those making a living from stage hypnosis but people need to know the truth and learn how to utilise the full power of their incredible mind/brain bio-computer.

Stage hypnosis can be highly entertaining. It can also be useful to illustrate the incredible power of our mind and how it can easily be misused.



Virtually everyone misuses their mind to some degree every single day of their life, simply because we have not learned to effectively master our mind and take full advantage of the incredible power of our mind.

The process of self hypnosis involves three main stages. The first is called induction. In the second stage positive suggestions are given to the unconscious mind and in the third stage we return to normal waking consciousness.

Induction is the process of relaxing both physically and mentally to enter a trance state also referred to as an altered state of consciousness. The word altered simply means changed. The key thing that is different compared to our normal waking state is that our brainwave frequencies our slowed down and we are more relaxed.

Going into an altered state is a very natural process. We do it every day. Every night we go to sleep and lose consciousness. We enter a deeply relaxed altered state. When we are deeply asleep we tend to go into a much deeper state than we normally go in hypnosis though it is possible to access the same level of relaxation with hypnosis.

Generally our ability to access deeper levels of relaxation with hypnosis improves with practice. Practice allows us to become more adapt at relaxing at will. We also tend to lose our fears as we repeatedly go in and out of the hypnotic state without any undesirable side affects.

The second stage of self hypnosis is where we access positive suggestions that can improve our self-image, improve our outlook on life or deal with whatever issue we desire to work on. The wording of our suggestions is very important to get the best results.

It is important to understand that the language of the unconscious mind is quite different to the language we consciously use, whether it is English or any other spoken language. The unconscious mind uses symbolism so everything has to be translated.

Negations should always be avoided as the unconscious mind doesn’t understand them properly. For example, you would not use the words “I don’t want to be sick”. This suggestion though well intended conjures up the image of a sick person and will not be effective in improving health. A better suggestion is “My health is improving every day”.

Positive suggestions given during the second stage of self hypnosis are accepted by the unconscious mind without being filtered by the critical faculty. This makes it easier to change limiting mindsets and beliefs and hence we can achieve much faster and better results using self hypnosis than simply using affirmations.

Best practice self hypnosis techniques repeat positive suggestions multiple times. It is best to use slightly different wording each time for greater effectiveness. Once all the required suggestions have been given a sufficient number of times it is time to awaken.

The last stage of self hypnosis is the awakening stage. It is the reverse of the induction stage and returns us back to a normal waking state. The general rule of thumb is that the awakening should occur at the same pace as the induction.

If the induction was fast you can use a faster awakening script. If the induction was lengthy then take your time with the awakening.

If the awakening is too fast then you find yourself feeling dizzy on awakening or even experience a mild headache. While these symptoms are not serious and generally disappear within a few minutes they can easily be avoided with proper technique ensuring your self hypnosis session is the comfortable and pleasant experience it should be.

The best and most common way to use self hypnosis techniques is to prerecord your session and then replay it using your favorite audio device (Mp3 player, CD Player or Cassette Player).

You can find sample induction scripts, hypnosis scripts and awakening scripts on our website.


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